O’Fallon Kiwanis Social Fundraiser

On April 27th members of the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club met for dinner at Cappuccino’s Restaurant.  This was a time for members, family and friends to get together for fun and a purpose.  We are raising money to “Eliminate” Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus around the world.  Babies and their moms are being killed by this disease.  The money raised help to vaccinate babies & moms to prevent these deaths.  This is a Kiwanis International project and our Club pledged to raise around $16,000.  We’re down to our last few thousand to raise so once a month we have a fundraiser to help us on our way.  Join us the 4th Thursday each month from 6:00-8:00pm.  Everyone has a great time & are thankful for the generosity of the folks at Cappuccino’s.

April 27 Capps 2April 27 Capps 1


O’Fallon Kiwanis – April 20

The meeting of the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club on April 20th was led by President-Elect, Katie Page.  Plans are underway for our Annual Golf Tournament coming up on June 23rd.  Rachel Donlan passed out more flyers for teams and sponsors.

April 20 meeting 1

Our 50/50 Drawing has grown to approximately $260+ so we were all paying close attention when Don Schappe announced the number….Jerry Davis had the number, but unfortunately he did not draw the Joker.  Stay tuned…the tension is mounting!

April 20 meeting 4

Patrol Officer Julie Long was our speaker.  She told us about Safety Town and all that she is involved with in the Community (DARE, etc.).  Our Club is sponsoring four scholarships this year for children to attend Safety Town.  Don Schappe presented Officer Long with a check for $300.  We look forward to increasing these scholarships and our help with this program in the next few years.

O’Fallon Kiwanis Meeting – April 13

On April 13th at J.J.’s Restaurant in O’Fallon, members of the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club met for their Thursday meeting.  President Mike Ballmann got the meeting started.  The Club is in the process of selecting scholarship winners from local high schools, planning a Golf Tournament on June 23rd to fund those scholarships, and putting together a Trivia Night on July 28 to raise money to replace a playground at the Salvation Army.

April 13 meeting Mike

The 50 50 drawing is now over $200….whew!  Bob Feeney had the winning ticket, but didn’t pull the Joker from the deck of cards.  Bob has had the ticket for several weeks in a row, but he didn’t have his Las Vegas luck with him.  Sorry Bob!

There is still a Joker waiting to be pulled.  Maybe April 20th will be the day???

Bob Feeney, our newest member, was the speaker for the day.  He told us about is life as a “Dreamer”.  Bob has agreed to serve on the Board of Directors next year.  We look for some great ideas coming from this “Dreamer”.

O’Fallon Kiwanis Club – Meeting on March 30th

Members of the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club enjoyed a great lunch together at J.J.’s Restaurant in O’Fallon on Thursday March 30th.

March 30 Meeting

Happy Birthday to Ozzie Maher who just happened to be celebrating his 92nd Birthday.

March 30 Meeting Happy Birthday Ozzie 2

Happy Birthday Ozzie!!!

The 50/50 Drawing was also an important event since the pot is now approximately $150.  Everyone held their breath as the winning number was selected by John Silberberg.  Then John had to try pulling the Joker out the deck………

Pulling the card………………Sorry John, no Joker this time

John Silberberg was also our speaker for the day.  He spoke about his trip to Israel – the Holy Lands with a group from his church.  What an interesting trip that must have been!

O’Fallon Kiwanis – March 16 Meeting- Green Celebration

All of the Irish and non-Irish celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a bit early at the March 16th meeting of the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club.  President Mike Ballmann shared a joke about a hunting dog walking on water (you’ll have to ask Mike about that one).

March 16 Meeting Mike leading the meeting

St. Patrick’s Day decorations and snacks were everywhere, courtesy of Ed Radginski and John Chambless.   Our Secretary, Tom Shea was absent due to a recent surgery, but lo and behold I think a Leprechaun, looking like Tom, showed up in his place.  This substitute Tom was a bit quieter than the original and didn’t have the Kiwanis spirit like our regular version.  We’re looking for the REAL Tom Shea to come back soon!

March 16 Meeting Don, John and fake Tom

Greg Wilson talked about the plans for our Golf Tournament scheduled for Friday June 23rd.  As soon as we have the Golf Flyers we will all begin to set up the teams for a great tournament.

Jerry Schoenherr won 50-50 and we were all anxiously waiting to see if he would draw the Joker….but didn’t have any St. Patrick’s Day Luck…No Joker….Sorry Jerry!

Plans for serving at the Salvation Army were confirmed for the month of March.  Watch our website  ofkiwanis.com for future opportunities to help out at the O’Fallon Salvation Army food pantry. 

Mike Ballmann reported that we’ve received 27 applications for our scholarships.  The committee includes Mike, Don Schappe, Katie Page and Martha Radginski.  They are reviewing the applications and will select our winners by early April.

Last of all, the Trivia Committee, Katie Page, Brad Gould, Don Schappe and Ed & Martha Radginski, report that we are set for our Trivia Night on June 28th at the Christy Banquet Center in O’Fallon.  More to come on this event.

 Next week we will meet at Cappuccino’s Restaurant in O’Fallon for our evening meeting at 6:00 PM.  Bring your family and friends to help us raise money for Eliminate – the Kiwanis International Project to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.  See you there!!!

O’Fallon Kiwanis – Feb. 16th Meeting

Members of the O’Fallon Kiwanis Club met at J.J.’s Restaurant on February 16th for their weekly meeting.  President-Elect, Katie Page lead the group for the day.  Golf Tournament Committee members, Greg Wilson and Rachel Donlan gave an update about planning for the Annual Golf Tournament.  Members decided to explore the possibility of holding the Tournament on a Friday instead of the usual Monday.  They will talk to the O’Fallon Rotary Club to see if they wish to partner with us again for this event.


Greg Wilson (left) and Rachael Donlan (center) discuss Golf Tournament


Katie Page ran this Lunch Meeting


O’Fallon Kiwanis- Talk about History!

O’Fallon Kiwanis Club members talked about the history of the club at the lunch meeting at J.J.’s Restaurant on February 9th.  Longtime member, Jerry Davis brought in two boxes of pictures and other items from past years in the Club.

feb-9-jerry-davis-talking-about-history-of-clubJerry Davis and Henry Sachs are two members that have been with our Club since it started 55 years ago and they are still going strong!  John Silberberg talked about the names of Hixson Fellowships for members in our Club listed on one of our banners.

In 1983, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund established the George F. Hixson Fellowship.  Named for Kiwanis International’s first president, Hixson Fellowships are bestowed upon donors who give $1,000 or more to the Children’s Fund.  The people on our banner were recognized because they have contributed significantly to Kiwanis’ history of generosity.

Forty-seven year Kiwanian veteran, Greg Wilson added more information to our talk about history of the Club.


Gerald Schoeherr (37 years in Kiwanis) and Gerard Pieper (21 years in Kiwanis) listen as Jerry Davis talks about the Key that our Key Clubs would pass between their Clubs to show participation.

Treasurer, Don Schappe and Secretary, Tom Shea put in their two cents during the discussion about the history of the Club  Both Don and Tom have been in Kiwanis for almost 20 years or more.


There was a flying squadron from the St. Charles Kiwanis Club – Tom Thompson, Caryn Watson and Bruce Sowatsky came to visit and talk about their Pancake Day on February 28th.  Club members were also happy to welcome Bob Feeney to our meeting.  He is new in the area and plans to join us soon with his son.  Welcome Bob!

O’Fallon Kiwanis Club – January 12th

O’Fallon Kiwanis Club met at J.J.’s Restaurant for their noon meeting on January 12th.  Kiwanis Lt. Governor Wendy Rackovan was our visitor for the day.  O’Fallon’s Club President, Mike Ballmann arranged for our speaker for the day: Alexis Jaegers.  She is the Public Assistance Specialist with the City of O’Fallon.  Alexis told us about O’Fallon’s Transportation Program for O’Fallon residents with disabilities and the STAR Program (Senior Transportation and Rides) that helps eligible senior citizens get to their doctor and certain other medical appointments.  The other programs Alexis talked about were O’Fallon’s Home Improvement Loan Program and Siding Installation/Repair Program.  If you have questions call Alexis Jaegers at 636-379-5411 or email her ajaegers@ofallon.mo.us

O’Fallon Kiwanis Club- January 5th

O’Fallon Kiwanis Club held it’s first business meeting of 2017 on January 5th.  President Mike Ballmann discussed the decisions made at the Club’s Board Meeting earlier that day.  Members celebrated the 88th birthday of Henry Sachs with cupcakes and even made Henry blow out a candle.  Best wishes to Henry for another great year!